Breaking Through: Politics, Dominion Power, and Nexus Helping Children

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In this week’s episode of Breaking Through, 
Republican and Democratic National Conventions elicit a political discussion between Andrew Jones, David Briggman, and Christopher Jones, the mayor of Harrisonburg.

Also, Breaking Through examines the adverse effect of Dominion Power’s pipeline with local guestsFinally, Nexus Services partners with Dairy Queen to support the Children’s Miracle Network as well as UVA’s Children’s Hospital.

Mike Donovan’s Commentary Featured in The News Virginian

Nexus Services, Inc. CEO Mike Donovan’s recent commentary on President Obama’s commutations was featured in The News Virginian:

Taking a different view on the commutations is Nexus Services president and CEO Mike Donovan. Nexus, based in Verona, provides GPS tracking of immigrants and also offers pro bono legal services.

Donovan said he applauds the president’s “historic decision to grant clemency to 214 nonviolent federal inmates. Most of these individuals were low-level drug offenders and many were serving life sentences under outdated sentencing guidelines.”

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Statement by Mike Donovan on the Historic Commutations by President Obama

Nexus Services, Inc. CEO Mike Donovan issued the following statement regarding President Obama’s historic commutations of 214 federal inmates.

“On behalf of the Nexus Services family of companies, I applaud President Obama’s historic decision to grant clemency to 214 nonviolent federal inmates. Most of these individuals were low-level drug offenders and many were serving life sentences under outdated sentencing guidelines.

“Nexus was founded on the belief that every human life has inherent worth and dignity. Unfortunately, far too often, our criminal justice system neglects to recognize this basic fact. The result of this are cycles of incarceration that have disproportionately targeted minority communities, ripped apart families, and burdened taxpayers. This has to stop.

“While the President’s commutations are a much welcome step, more has to be done. Accordingly, I urge the Congressional leadership to support the bipartisan effort to reform our broken criminal justice system. The lives of the thousands of nonviolent offenders who are sitting in our jails, many of whom are innocent of the crimes for which they were convicted, are too important to wait for acts of presidential pardons and clemency.

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Nexus CEO Mike Donovan Featured in The Washington Post

Mike Donovan was recently featured in The Washington Post regarding the work of Serve by Nexus, a Harrisonburg-based non-profit that offers charitable bonding services to defendants who cannot afford bail.

Inspired by his experience, Donovan and his partner founded Libre by Nexus in 2012. The company, which posts bonds for detainees in federal immigration proceedings who consent to GPS monitoring, started out in three Virginia counties but quickly went nationwide, with 27 offices across North America and one in El Salvador.

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Breaking Through: Valley Pride Festival and Staunton Schools

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This week’s episode of Breaking Through reports
Staunton City Schools eliminatedion of Weekly Religious Education time, only towhich received a backlash from local parents. Sam Drumeller and David Briggman discuss W.R.E. and current politics with delegate Tony Wilt.

Additionally, Timberville opens Walmart opens, showing great opportunity for the community; Walmart reports eagerness to work with local businesses.

The conclusion of this episode reports that the Valley pride festival garnered 2,500 attendants and $3,000 in support.

Breaking Through Examines Police Shootings and Politics

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On this week’s episode of Breaking Through, the shootings in Minneapolis and Baton Rouge prompted protests, rallies, and a discussion between David Briggman, Mike Donovan, and Elaine Rackley. Rackley interviewed former Middle River Regional jail inmate on violations of inmates’ civil rights that prompted suit by Nexus Caridades attorneys. Breaking Through also covered Shenandoah National Park’s first naturalization ceremony, and  Donovan and Briggman’s discussed political races.

Mike Donovan’s Commentary on Tragic Shootings Featured in WHSV

Mike Donovan’s commentary on tragic police-related shootings was featured in among national, state, and local leaders:

“If you pick-up a gun and shoot somebody you should be in trouble unless you can demonstrate that you had a right to shoot that person,” said Nexus Services CEO Mike Donovan. “We respect all life, and we obviously extend our condolences to all who have suffered loss of life over the last 72 hours, but there is not one life that means more than another. The life of a white cop in Dallas has the same value as the life of a black kid in Minnesota,” added Donovan.

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Nexus Services, Inc. CEO Mike Donovan’s Statement on SCOTUS Immigration Decisions

VERONA, Va. – Today, the Supreme Court of the United States blocked President Obama’s 2014 executive orders on immigration, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) and Deferred Action for Parents of Americans and Lawful Permanent Residents (DAPA), which sought to protect millions of undocumented immigrants from U.S. deportation.

Mike Donovan, CEO of Nexus Services, Inc., a leading family of companies serving immigrant communities across the United States, said:

“Nexus Services, Inc. is deeply disappointed by the Court’s decision today that essentially killed a program that would have benefitted millions of law-abiding immigrants and their families by keeping them from being torn apart and losing everything they have worked so hard for while living in the U.S. Despite today’s decision, we will continue to stand by immigrant communities across the country.

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Colorado State Senate Recognizes the Work of Nexus Services, Inc.

I’m proud that Nexus Services was recently recognized by the Colorado State Senate for the work we do in the Centennial State and across the country on behalf of immigrant families.

Virginia-based company Nexus Services, Inc. was recently honored by the Colorado State Legislature, on request of Senator Vicki Marble. The Senate signed an official commendation certificate, praising Nexus Services, Inc. and its non-profit, Nexus Caridades, for its work in providing pro-bono legal services and support to detained immigrants and their families.

“The company promotes accountability by ensuring its clients appear in immigration court, minimizing tax burdens by reducing jail overcrowding,” reads the commendation. “The services provided by this organization assist in the ultimate goal of reuniting immigrants with their families. The members of the Colorado Senate recognize and congratulate Nexus Services, Inc. for their service to the state of Colorado and wish them continued success.”

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Mike Donovan’s Statement on Immigration Supreme Court Arguments

Mike Donovan, CEO of Nexus Services Inc., a leading family of companies serving immigrant communities across the United States, said:

Nexus Services is proud to stand with the strong coalition of millions of immigrant families and advocacy groups from across the country in urging the Supreme Court to uphold the President’s executive orders on immigration. The DAPA and DACA programs are responsible, legal, and necessary given Congress’s failure to pass comprehensive immigration reform.

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