We Stand by Sadie Elledge


Like so many people in our community and around the country, I was outraged when I heard about what happened to Sadie Elledge, the young waitress at Jess’s who instead of a tip, a guest left her a hateful message on a receipt. Racism is unacceptable anywhere in our society, and it’s especially troublesome when it happens around the corner from our office.

At Nexus, we’re all about supporting the Latino community by reuniting families that have been separated by immigration detention and offering them free legal support. We also take a firm stance against hate speech, and are there for its victims in times of need.

Sadie’s story touched out hearts. It’s so important for young people to get a good start on life and know that the world can be a truly beautiful place filled with love and opportunities. Sadie, and people like her, deserve every chance to pursue their dreams.

That’s why we are proud to announce today that we have offered Sadie, and she has accepted, a two-year scholarship at Blue Ridge Community College. I’m sure that Sadie has a bright future ahead of her and we are proud to stand by her.


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