Statement by Mike Donovan on the Historic Commutations by President Obama

Nexus Services, Inc. CEO Mike Donovan issued the following statement regarding President Obama’s historic commutations of 214 federal inmates.

“On behalf of the Nexus Services family of companies, I applaud President Obama’s historic decision to grant clemency to 214 nonviolent federal inmates. Most of these individuals were low-level drug offenders and many were serving life sentences under outdated sentencing guidelines.

“Nexus was founded on the belief that every human life has inherent worth and dignity. Unfortunately, far too often, our criminal justice system neglects to recognize this basic fact. The result of this are cycles of incarceration that have disproportionately targeted minority communities, ripped apart families, and burdened taxpayers. This has to stop.

“While the President’s commutations are a much welcome step, more has to be done. Accordingly, I urge the Congressional leadership to support the bipartisan effort to reform our broken criminal justice system. The lives of the thousands of nonviolent offenders who are sitting in our jails, many of whom are innocent of the crimes for which they were convicted, are too important to wait for acts of presidential pardons and clemency.

Click here to read the full statement. 


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