Breaking Through: Valley Pride Festival and Staunton Schools

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This week’s episode of Breaking Through reports
Staunton City Schools eliminatedion of Weekly Religious Education time, only towhich received a backlash from local parents. Sam Drumeller and David Briggman discuss W.R.E. and current politics with delegate Tony Wilt.

Additionally, Timberville opens Walmart opens, showing great opportunity for the community; Walmart reports eagerness to work with local businesses.

The conclusion of this episode reports that the Valley pride festival garnered 2,500 attendants and $3,000 in support.

Breaking Through Examines Police Shootings and Politics

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On this week’s episode of Breaking Through, the shootings in Minneapolis and Baton Rouge prompted protests, rallies, and a discussion between David Briggman, Mike Donovan, and Elaine Rackley. Rackley interviewed former Middle River Regional jail inmate on violations of inmates’ civil rights that prompted suit by Nexus Caridades attorneys. Breaking Through also covered Shenandoah National Park’s first naturalization ceremony, and  Donovan and Briggman’s discussed political races.

Mike Donovan’s Commentary on Tragic Shootings Featured in WHSV

Mike Donovan’s commentary on tragic police-related shootings was featured in among national, state, and local leaders:

“If you pick-up a gun and shoot somebody you should be in trouble unless you can demonstrate that you had a right to shoot that person,” said Nexus Services CEO Mike Donovan. “We respect all life, and we obviously extend our condolences to all who have suffered loss of life over the last 72 hours, but there is not one life that means more than another. The life of a white cop in Dallas has the same value as the life of a black kid in Minnesota,” added Donovan.

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