Colorado State Senate Recognizes the Work of Nexus Services, Inc.

I’m proud that Nexus Services was recently recognized by the Colorado State Senate for the work we do in the Centennial State and across the country on behalf of immigrant families.

Virginia-based company Nexus Services, Inc. was recently honored by the Colorado State Legislature, on request of Senator Vicki Marble. The Senate signed an official commendation certificate, praising Nexus Services, Inc. and its non-profit, Nexus Caridades, for its work in providing pro-bono legal services and support to detained immigrants and their families.

“The company promotes accountability by ensuring its clients appear in immigration court, minimizing tax burdens by reducing jail overcrowding,” reads the commendation. “The services provided by this organization assist in the ultimate goal of reuniting immigrants with their families. The members of the Colorado Senate recognize and congratulate Nexus Services, Inc. for their service to the state of Colorado and wish them continued success.”

Click here to read the full press release.


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